Botox injections are cosmetic treatments that are simple, non-surgical procedures that smooth the deep, persistent lines between your eyebrows that develop over time. A few tiny injections relax the muscles of expression that cause those lines to form, typically lasting for up to four months. This procedure uses BOTOX®, JEUVEAU®, DYSPORT®, or XEOMIN® injections to improve dynamic facial wrinkles such as worry, frown, or laugh lines, crow’s feet and upper lip lines. We will assess your needs and recommend one or a combination of treatments to achieve your desired look.

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What causes frown lines between the brows? How does Botox help?

The lines that appear actually occur from muscular movement as a function of time. When those muscles contract, they draw the brows together. As the skin becomes less elastic over time, repeated frowning can result in those moderate to severe lines.

Botox works by blocking the nerve impulses, which reduce the movement of those muscles. With less movement, the skin surface gradually smoothes out and the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows begin to fade.


What is the treatment like and where can it be administered?

Our staff will determine where best to administer the injections for best results. Anesthesia is not required but cold packs can reduce the discomfort.

How soon will I see a result and what can I expect?

You will see results in 3-14 days. The results may last up to 4 months. You might experience tenderness and redness at the site of injection, which will generally subside in a few hours.

Does BOTOX® help with excessive sweating?

Yes, click here for more information on excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis.