Maximum Absorption CBD Lotion

A premier lotion developed by scientists and doctors, Notion delivers hemp-derived CBD directly to where it’s needed.

The proprietary formulation provides quick and sustained results with a refreshingly light citrus scent.

Proven Science + Natural Ingredients

Developed by scientists and doctors, Notion is produced at FDA registered, cGMP certified facilities and is 100% formulated from nature.

Proprietary Science: drug delivery technology developed by a pharmaceutical company.

Certified for Purity: we only use hemp-derivatives and our products are tested and certified THC-free.

Proven Efficacy: delivery platform has been validated in laboratories and clinics to get what you need, where you need it.


Mary’s Story: “About two years ago, I started having migraine headaches on a daily basis. I gave NOTION a try and felt relief after the first application – I know, it sounds unbelievable. Nothing else was able to reduce my pain and NOTION has honestly changed my life. Not only are my migraines gone, I am also now sleeping through the night again. “